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Drive-in theater road trip destinations to visit this summer in Missouri

66 Drive-In: Carthage, Mo – The nostalgiac theater on “Mother Road” is recorded in the National Register of Historic Places. The theater opened in 1949 and had a 34-year run before closing down. It was redesigned and revived in 1998.

19 Drive-In: Cuba, Mo – This drive-in opened in 1950 and is located just off Route 66. The theater still has its old-school speakers but also broadcasts the sound over FM radio as most drive-ins presently do.

Sunset Drive-In Theater: Aurora, Mo – The theater is found 30 miles southwest of Springfield, and has been open since 1951. It’s one of a couple of outdoor movie theaters that lets you fire up a small gas grill for a car-side grill. You can also order a pizza from the concession stand and have it delivered to your car.

Phoenix Theater and Drive-In: Houston, Mo – Initially named the Sunset Drive-In when it opened in 1951, the Phoenix Drive-In operated until 1998. With the addition of an interior screen, the Phoenix revived in 2001 as an indoor-outdoor theater.

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