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UEFA and FIFA will join the English soccer’s social media protest

English soccer's boycott of social media is spreading after FIFA and UEFA said they will join the players, clubs, and organizations in a four-day protest against online abuse. The boycott will also be joined by English cricket and rugby clubs, and the British Lawn Tennis Association, highlighting concerns that Twitter and Facebook, which also owns Instagram, aren't doing sufficient to combat racist abuse on their platforms.

The social media silence will begin on Friday evening until late Monday evening. Much of the racist abuse is sent to players from mysterious accounts.

Twitter and Facebook would only give comments from anonymous representatives when asked for interviews to talk about the boycott. Broadcasters are also taking part in the boycott including Comcast-owned Sky Sports and BT Sport, which televise Premier League games in Britain and would often show goal clips on social media.

The protest implies UEFA won't be posting about the Women’s Champions League semifinals on Sunday. English soccer authorities have encouraged the British government to enact laws making social media companies more responsible for what shows up on their platforms.

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