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Virtual learning during pandemic caused stress and anxiety in students

A new study highlights the unfavorable impacts that remote learning had on numerous children within the past year that has been the coronavirus widespread. The study was conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

A study of more than 32,000 caregivers of youth in Chicago Public Schools found that about a quarter of children were portrayed by their caregivers as "stressed, anxious, angry or disturbed." When the dangerous disease shuttered in-person learning and Zoom got to be the country’s collective new classroom.

The study, conducted by Children’s Hospital of Chicago and distributed recently in JAMA Network Open, was completed on behalf of about 50,000 children in different levels of education, ranging from Pre-K to 12th grade. The study took place from mid-June to July 15, 2020.

The study also found that approximately a third of youth were portrayed by their caregivers as "lonely," whereas only one-third were depicted as "having positive social and peer relationships" amid the year of remote learning, per a news release on the findings.

Source: Fox News

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