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Vaccinated U.S. tourists can now visit E.U. countries this summer

The head of the European Commission said the coalition would switch policy, beneath certain conditions, after more than a year of mostly prohibiting nonessential travel. American visitors who have been completely immunized against Covid-19 will be able to visit the European Union over the summer, the head of the bloc’s executive body said in an interview with The New York Times on Sunday.

The fast pace of immunization within the United States, and advanced talks between authorities there and the European Union over how to create vaccine certificates acceptable as verification of immunity for guests. This will enable the European Commission, the official branch of the European Union, to recommend a switch in policy that could see trans-Atlantic recreation travel reestablished.

Diplomats from Europe’s tourist destination countries, mostly led by Greece, have contended for weeks that the bloc’s criteria for deciding whether a nation may be a “safe” origin simply based on low cases of Covid-19 are quick becoming irrelevant given the progress of immunization campaigns within the United States, Britain, and a few other nations.

But the return of recreation travel to Europe on a bigger scale will also highlight the developing imbalance between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, both within nations and, especially, on a worldwide level. With India in the throes of the worst rise in coronavirus diseases in the world, and with the past week’s worldwide case total the highest since the widespread started, that contrast may become even more shaking.

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