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US beekeepers charged fake imports of Asian honey

Imports of cheap, fake honey from Asia are pushing American beekeepers to financial collapse, according to a lawsuit. Thousands of commercial beekeepers within the US have taken legal activity against the country’s biggest honey importers and packers for supposedly flooding the market with hundreds of thousands of tons of fake honey.

The class-action claim points to clear supermarket racks of fake honey in containers and cereal bundles and seeks millions of dollars in damages for lost sales and profits over the past decade.

They have charged the honey importers Sunland Trading and Lamex Food and the honey-packers Barkman Honey and Dutch Gold Honey of planning to swindle the US honey market. Alongside True Source Honey, an organization set up by the importers and packers to function a honey-certification scheme that the beekeepers claim passes off fake honey as genuine.

Honey fraud can take numerous forms, from gathering honey from beehives before it has developed and dried it artificially, to adding cheap sugars and syrups. Various tests can detect the presence of a few added sugars, but those from rice, wheat, sugar beet, cassava, and potatoes can avoid traditional testing methods.

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