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Students in Texas have been disciplined for setting up a “Slave Trade” game

A group of school students in Texas have been restrained from setting up a "Slave Trade" messaging group that relegated costs to their dark peers. Messages shared on the Snapchat app at a school in Aledo said one student was worth a dollar and another "100 bucks".

The school district conducted a request and found "racial harassment and cyberbullying" had occurred. But a few guardians charged authorities of coming up short to respond appropriately.

School students at the Daniel Ninth Grade Campus in Aledo had posted messages on a group Snapchat that was allegedly named with terms such as "farm" and "auction". Ninth graders are typically 14 or 15 years old.

The Aledo independent school district, situated almost 32km (20 miles) west of Fort Worth, condemned the students' behavior in articulation on Monday. They said that its investigation had been conducted in co-operation with the police.

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