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Nestlé is planning to cut almost 600 jobs in the UK

Nestlé is planning to cut nearly 600 jobs within the UK, close a factory, and switch production of a few items to Europe. The Swiss-owned confectioner said it was considering closing its location in Fawdon, Newcastle upon Tyne, in late 2023, with the loss of almost 475 jobs, with a further 98 to go in York.

It is proposing changes to adjust its confectionery manufacturing for the future, with a £29.4m investment at its manufacturing plants in York and Halifax. The GMB trade union said it was “sickening” that lives were being “ruined in a merciless interest of profits”.

The Fawdon factory, which opened in 1958, makes products including Fruit Pastilles, whereas the York location manufactures KitKats. Nestlé, which employs 8,000 laborers in the UK, wants to move production from Fawdon to other factories within the UK and Europe.

The company said it would make sure those affected were “properly supported” all through a consultation process. The proposals incorporate a £20m investment at the York manufacturing plant to modernize and increase production of KitKat, where the brand was made in 1935, and a £9m investment at Halifax to take on the biggest portion of Fawdon’s production.

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