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LG has finally decided to pull out its smartphone business

LG, one of the well-known multinational electronics company from South Korea, has finally confirmed earlier this year that its smartphone division is losing money and sale is going down. Presently, it would appear that a deal is off the cards and that the Korean company has decided to settle on the choice of shutting the division instead.

However, LG is planning to relocate all its employees from the smartphone division to other departments of the company. This is not the first time that we’ve heard of a shutdown since the last year.

This report will create a major shock in the smartphone business as Huawei’s sales are continuously going up and competing Apple’s iPhone. Samsung, on the other note, is still leading the sales in smartphones from last year.

This is extremely a piece of unfortunate news for the users and fans of LG smartphones. Nonetheless, there are still new brands of gaming phones arriving and competing in the market at the moment that we can choose from.

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