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In the last 3.6 million years, carbon dioxide is at the highest level it has ever been

Carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane levels within the atmosphere continued to rise in 2020, with CO2 levels coming to their highest point in 3.6 million years, according to calculations by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The barrier was broken in spite of a decrease in anticipated emissions caused by the COVID-19 widespread.

The rise happened in spite of an evaluated 7% diminishment in worldwide emissions due to the pandemic. Pieter Tans, the senior scientist at NOAA's Global Monitoring Laboratory, gauges that 2020 would have been a record-breaking year had it not been for the widespread.

CO2 is considered a greenhouse gas because of its capacity to trap heat. According to a recent NASA study, greenhouse gases and suspended contamination particles within the environment caused by the burning of fossil fuels are responsible for the majority of the warming recorded over the last century.

NOAA did note that, as is typically the case, this report is preliminary and the final calculation of greenhouse gas levels is more often than not slightly lower than the preliminary numbers. It said that indeed with the final calculations, "the 2020 increase is likely to remain one of the largest in the entire record."

Source: CBS News

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