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Tips to help you decide if you want to become a parent

1. Start with deciding to take a designated break from any discussion about the subject with your partner. In case you’re single, stop ruminating about it or talking about it with others. During this time, choose not to know what you need or what you’re aiming to do. No more considering one way or the other.

2. Stop attempting to figure this out by making a pros and cons list. It'll keep you stuck. In the event that you’re doing it for the third or umpteenth time and you’re not getting anywhere, then doing it one more time isn't the solution.

3. Make a list of three choices that you’ve made since you knew in your gut it was the correct decision for you. Write a couple of sentences on each one describing the sensation of how great it felt to have made them. This can be the sensation you deserve to experience when you’re choosing “yes” to parenthood or “yes” to a child-free life.

4. Make the decision of yes to having/raising a baby and live with that choice for five days. During that time, compose daily about how you are feeling about the choice you're imagining to have made. Don’t deal with the choice. The more you'll buy into having made the choice, the more information you’ll get about yourself.

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