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Tips on how to create a cybersecurity risk assessment

Audit your hardware and business systems. Identifying and auditing your most important and widely-used IT assets will help you understand which solutions make up the biggest percentage of your attack surface.

Address the most likely incidents. With GDPR in force, data security is a high priority for most businesses. It’s important to note that business data can be compromised accidentally as well as deliberately. If your people use removable storage devices like USB sticks, there’s a risk they could be lost or stolen.

Identify the level of risk and prioritize actions. You can split down actions into quick wins and long-term strategies. So, a quick win would be implementing a policy that states removable storage devices must be encrypted and/or password-protected. A long-term strategy could be implementing a cloud storage solution to allow your people to access their documents anytime, anywhere, and eliminate the need for USB sticks.

Don’t forget about your remote workforce. Unsecured home WiFi networks present a risk to security. By installing a business virtual private network (VPN), you can encrypt employees’ connections to your network.

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