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Thinking of retirement? These are the 5 signs to know if you are ready.

1. You are on the full retirement age requirement.

If you are aiming for a higher Social Security you can ever get, you’ll have to wait up until you are 67.

2. All your debts has already been paid.

In the event that you've paid off all your obligations, you're well-positioned for retirement.

3. You don’t have any more responsibilities with your kids.

If you think all your children already have their own income and you don’t need to support them anymore, then that makes it a lot easier for you to retire.

4. You already have a budget plan for your retirement.

Before you end your career, it is important to have a plan and picture your future if you will live comfortably on your retirement income.

5. Your husband/wife should agree.

Remember that you and your spouse should be both financially ready to retire. Unless you live alone, retirement is will just be your own decision to make.

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