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Snapchat published its second diversity report, which is almost the same as last year

Snap still has a lot of work to do to meet its diversity objectives. The company published its second-ever diversity report, which affirms the company is still overwhelmingly white and male.

Snap’s numbers haven’t changed much from last year when it first released diversity information. Snap’s workforce is 65 percent male and 47 percent white, according to the report..

The numbers aren’t much better when you look at leadership and tech roles. Technical roles are still dominated by men who account for 81 percent of tech jobs, including software engineers, product designers, and research scientists.

In spite of those difficulties, the company says it’s optimistic about the years ahead, and that it’s “on track” to double the number of women in tech occupations by 2023 and double the number of individuals from underrepresented racial backgrounds at the company by 2025.

the report focuses on Snapchat’s in-app camera as an area where it can improve, noticing that if the camera’s face-detecting focal points are primarily trained on white faces, then individuals with darker skin may have a worse experience.

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