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Instagram’s new planned feature will let you choose to hide ‘Likes’ or not

Instagram today will start a new test around hiding Like tallies on users’ posts, following its tests in this area which first started in 2019. This time, however, Instagram isn't enabling or disabling the feature for more users.

Instead, it'll start to explore a new alternative where users get to choose what works best for them, either choosing to see the Like counts on others’ posts, or not. Users will also be able to turn off Like tallies on their own posts, in case they choose.

Instagram says tests including Like tallies were deprioritized after the Covid-19 hit, as the company centered on other efforts needed to back its community. The company says it’s presently revisiting the feedback it collected from users amid the tests and found a wide range of opinions.

In addition, the removal of Likes helped decrease the sort of group mindset that drives individuals to like things that are already popular, as opposed to judging the content for themselves. But amid tests, not everybody agreed the removal of Likes was a change for the better.

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