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How you can improve your employees’ mental wellbeing

Offer flexibility. Remote work has not only changed where we work but moreover how we work. Being understanding of these changes can assist you to build better relationships together with your team and can indeed boost efficiency.

Encourage employees to use their PTO days. Working from home has obscured the lines between career and personal life, and the pandemic has largely ended travel and going out. Encouraging your workers to really utilize their PTO days — indeed if it’s just to watch Netflix or catch up on errands — can reassure them that their job is secure and compassionate.

Communicate about mental wellbeing resources. Many businesses have employee help programs (EAPs), mental health care, wellness programs, or a few combinations thereof. Due to the need for information or fear of being stigmatized, however, employees don't always use these resources.

Check in together with your colleagues. When is the last time you asked your colleagues how they’re feeling and genuinely meant it? Intentionally checking in together with your coordinate reports and offering an ear to those who need it'll construct trust inside your group.

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