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How to update your home office for summer

After a year spent generally indoors, spring marks the perfect opportunity to upgrade and redecorate. With working from home presently a key part of our lives, here are a few recommendations on how to refresh your home office this season.

First, select a color palette that elevates your space. Light colors such as white or mint green will make the room feel bigger and reflect any natural light that comes in. Take advantage of this new look by including indoor plants which instantly breathe new life into your home office.

Comparable to the rest of the home, your home office should also be an extension of your character. Perk up space with mementos such as photos, posters, or any work of art for a more productive feeling.

Finally, round off your look with chic finishing touches. For example, if you have a light color palette, contrast it with dark complements such as moderate shelves or sleek divider frames. These little subtle elements will quickly take a space from basic and useful to savvy and stylish.

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