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How to support your AAPI partner in the midst of the recent racial violence

We have seen an aggravating rise in violence and harassment against individuals of the AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) community all through the United States. Just within last year as we fought a dangerous pandemic that claimed the lives of over 500,000 individuals.

There have been over 3,000 individual cases of hate crimes and violence against Asian Americans in this nation. With reports of these assaults as it was proceeding to climb, a recent Harris survey detailed that over 75% of Asian Americans are presently living in fear as they address this level of contempt towards their community.

Here’s how you can support your partner to overcome their fears.

Empathy. It is likely your partner is encountering sentiments of trauma, fear, and grieving right now. When your partner is prepared to share their experience as an AAPI in America with you, make sure you're completely present with them. This is often a profoundly vulnerable and compassionate act, and it’s vital to not reduce the pain they’re feeling by attempting to offer a silver lining.

Allyship. As important as it is to be a source of support and strength behind the scenes, you ought to also show up for your partner in public-facing spaces. Share organizations to give to, spread educational resources with information and data, and open up stories and experiences from the AAPI community on your social media channels.

Communication. It’s important to not let your fear of not knowing how to show up stop you from being there at all. Now and then the proper course of action might just begin with the simplest steps. There will likely be moments of distress or blame on your part for how you will have dealt with circumstances within the past, but you cannot let this get in the way of that open line of communication between you and your partner

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