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How to remain positive during rough times

Practice appreciation for everything you've got. Rather than thinking of all of the negative things you’re dealing with right now, try to think about the positives. Focus on what you do have going for you instead of what you don’t.

Think around the positive things that can come as a result. When you’re dealing with a parcel of troublesome or upsetting things at once, it can be simple to drop into the trap of seeing yourself as a victim of circumstance. Instead, think approximately what got you into the circumstance and why things are intense right now. Attempt to think about the potential positive things that can happen and what you'll do to undertake to progress your situation.

Don’t stress about the things you can’t. It can feel just like the world is piling on top of you amid tough times, but it’s imperative that you simply keep your viewpoint centered on what’s important. Indeed in case, there are a ton of things going on right now, you can’t solve all of the world’s issues.

Keep in mind that things will in the long run get way better. When you’re feeling particularly down, focus on times within the past where things were intense and then got better. Remember that you’ve gotten through difficult times before and you'll do it once more. You’ll get through this and you’ll be stronger because of it.

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