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How to make your kitchen a little more sustainable

Utilize all parts of your produce. Don’t throw those scraps! Vegetable tips are an extraordinary base for hand-crafted broth: Just store them in the freezer until you have sufficient to start stewing. Lemon peels and juiced lemon parts are awesome for cleaning surfaces, furthermore, they’ll keep your trash disposal smelling new. Anything you don’t find a second life for can go into the compost canister.

Look behind the label. Rigid labeling measures are behind much of our unnecessary food waste. Defective Foods is on a mission to eliminate all that waste and construct an improved food system. Their customizable grocery deliveries highlight excess, irregular, and peculiar produce and basic need items—including all those imperfect almonds and mismatched quinoa.

Use the proper food storage system. We forget about that box of quinoa or sack of dried beans, and by the time we remember, they’re past their prime. Switch to clear containers. You’ll see exactly what ingredients you have which means you’ll be likelier to use them. Utilize canning jars or repurpose glass containers that once held jam or peanut butter.

Learn how to organize your fridge. A perfectly ordered fridge isn’t just the stuff of organization Instagram. It’s also how you get your food to remain fresher and more open. Rather than utilizing your produce drawers interchangeably, adjust each for high or low humidity. Citrus and apples prefer low humidity. Utilize the high-humidity drawer for asparagus, carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, woody herbs, summer squash, and leafy greens.

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