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How to love your job and conquer your fears

Interact with your colleagues. There are chances that your colleagues could be going through the same sentiments of dread and repetitiveness. Go out of your way to talk to them about things other than work, and construct a rapport with them. This will help you develop a support system at work and you may feel way better when surrounded by like-minded people.

Declutter. Declutter not fair physically but also mentally. Cleaning your workspace and organizing it does help, but so does making a checklist in your mind and following it without feeling hassled or stressed.

Pinpoint the reason. Try to figure out the reason that's making you fear your work. Is it the workload, your colleagues, or your boss? Once you have got it figured out, make it a point to do something about it and deal with it viably, rather than thinking of quitting the work.

Have a plan. Waking up late and trying to begin the tasks on time can sure stress you out. So make a plan, save yourself from the hassle and the rush and stick to it. Have a schedule and make sure to incorporate regular breaks in-between for you to take a breather from the work.

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