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How to increase engagement on Instagram

The best time - Some individuals think that the best time to post is when your fans are not at work, and they are ordinarily between 8-19. In any case, it is continuously a great idea to test different times for posts, as it will change significantly from target group to target group.

How many times should you post, and its effectiveness - According to the study, 1 or 2 posts a day get a 32% higher “like” rate and 73% higher “comment” rate, compared to brands that post more than 3 times a day. But here it is important to keep in mind that this study is made on the premise of studies of top 100 brands within the world, and most of them from the US retail trade. In that market, you're used to more noise than we are in Denmark. Subsequently, it is rarely recommended 1-3 posts a day.

Content for Instagram posts - Dialog-based questions that ask questions produce more than twice as much user engagement than overhauls that don't contain questions.

Post method - One of the least used post-techniques is “intention in the blank” – for example: “I like to...”, but it is one of the strategies that create the highest commitment. Data appears that this sort of post creates 9 times more comments than other types of posts.

Keep it basic - Updates using a picture alone or plain content accomplish the highest engagement rate. To some degree shockingly, posts consisting of content only get 94% higher engagement than normal.

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