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How to give criticisms constructively

Only give criticism when you have a good reason to do so. Before giving feedback, ask yourself, "What is the point here?" Identify the reason, you may have a specific behavior you want to see changed.

Be conscious of the way you will say it. What you say matters, how you say it matters as well. Think of what the other person might feel when you give your criticism.

Speak in private. No one wants to hear that they're doing an awful job. Better keep the conversation in private for a better result.

Lead the conversation with a compliment. If you want to say a criticism to an employee, start by telling them that you see the hard work they put in. Leading a conversation with a compliment will put the other person in a more receptive headspace.

Criticize the behavior, not the person. Most of us often find it easy to change our behavior if we don't feel personally attacked. Don't make them feel that you are putting them down, they will not respond well.

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