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How to generate leads using video tools

Create videos with personalized contact forms. Using Vimeo's customized contact form feature is one fun way to integrate video into your lead generation strategy. These aren't your average contact forms; they can be personalized with various fields to gather details from your leads such as work description, demographics, and even psychographic.

Keep your best video material under a lock. Don't be afraid to place some of the most valuable content behind a gate that requires customers to enter their contact details in order to view it.

Make sure the video has a call to action. It won't matter if a large number of people watch your video content if they don't act. That's why it's important to provide a simple CTA for your videos at all times. Before and after the audience watches the video, it's a good idea to have a CTA. This could be a sign-up for an email newsletter, a coupon code, or exclusive access to something.

Create a video-centric landing page that is strategic. Sending your prospects to a dedicated landing page rather than the homepage of your website is a good practice when looking to trigger direct conversions in a marketing operation like lead generation.

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