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How to beat perfectionism

1. Perfectionism Is An Unwinnable Game. Challenge yourself to require a chance that may result in disappointment each day. Begin with little things like not reacting to a mail right away or make a small mistake on purpose. Rather than being anxious about coming up short, grasp a ‘fail faster and fail often’ attitude.

2. Increase Your Resistance For Imperfection. Living in an all-or-nothing world makes it inconceivable to see that there’s value in flaw. Challenge yourself to see the value within the blemished.

3. Put An End To Compare And Despair. What other business people are doing in their business is none of your business. Focus on your wins, your development, your advancement.

4. Inquire And Acknowledge Imperfect Support. Partner with like-minded business people who are battling with perfectionism. Contract other experts who can remove things from your flooding plate. Partner with a coach. After all, you can’t read the label from inside the jar.

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