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How to avoid these account-based marketing mistakes today

Your target list has the wrong information. Each account-based marketing campaign should begin with the building out of a target list of companies and the most important contact points from those companies. Marketing leaders with significant account-based experience behind them need to work more closely with the team building out this data and target list, to draw out the noise and make a significant list based on past buyer interaction and interest as well as other key components like technographics.

You do not have a sufficient understanding of your total addressable market. A total addressable market helps give marketers a potential income opportunity idea for a specific product or service. Recognizing and understanding your total addressable market does not only include creating a list of target companies that would benefit from or most likely invest into your product, but it also includes weaning out this list regularly with pre-ABM campaigns to identify interest, to distinguish ABM messaging based on the target company’s current tech stack.

Using the correct ABM Software together with your Martech. To drive long-term account-based marketing victory, marketers cannot have their ABM software stand separated from their overall marketing technology. The choice of technology to drive efforts from various online marketing efforts, counting an ABM campaign, lies in picking the correct martech (as a whole) based on short to long-term marketing objectives and plans.

Any ABM campaign needs a constant understanding of results, breakdown of campaign data, and normal fixing to each step and process. Marketing pioneers who spend enough time digging through their ABM program and martech will continuously be able to drive more success with their ABM campaigns.

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