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How can hoteliers win more bookings in Airbnb

Evaluate Your Property's Value Proposition‚Ä®. To begin with, spend time and inquire about Airbnb to distinguish the rental properties in your neighborhood, and what their normal comforts and highlights are. Distinguish your property's value proposition and make a list of all of your property's amenities, services, and traits that, in your view, are way better than the normal Airbnb in your area.

Product. I believe offering on value versus selling on price alone can compensate to an extraordinary degree the appeal of Airbnb's properties. From estates, end-of-the-week homes, and condos. Normally, to do so, hoteliers must keep in mind and relearn how to offer on value versus cost alone.

Pricing. Start by presenting week after week and monthly rates for both rooms and suites. How numerous lodgings offer rates for extended stays which are favored by travel customers within the current pandemic? Make sure that your Website Manager can back weekly and monthly rates and fire them in the event that they can't.

Visitor Appreciation/Reward Program. Many lodgings offer visitor appreciation or reward programs for repeat guests. Particularly now, within the post-crisis period, repeat business will make or break a hotel since obtaining a new visitor is 10-15 times more costly than "persuading" repeat visitors to come back to the property. Rewarding your visitors for staying once more at your hotel will without a doubt increase guest retention.

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