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Hackers sold LinkedIn data of its 500 million users

Social networks are among the favorite sources of programmers to extract data from Web users. This time it was LinkedIn's turn since in a hacker forum somebody is offering a database that would contain individual and work data of 500 million users.

Agreeing to the sample shared by the Cybernews portal, the records uncover data such as LinkedIn ID, full name, professional title, e-mail, phone number, gender, links to other social media profiles, and users' work history.

The programmer clarified that the information was obtained through scratching or "scraping." That's, as it were the data that shows up publicly was obtained, without incurring an infringement of LinkedIn security.

It still is suggested to users as soon as possible to change the password of their LinkedIn account and enable two-step verification. They ought to also check their security settings to guarantee that any data that they prefer to keep private isn't freely exposed.

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