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Google Assistant will now allow you to “snooze” alarms and “respond” calls

The most recent version of an app Google was released on the Play Store. We can see different lines of code inside these files (called APKs in the case of Android apps) that hint at potential future features when we decompile them. Bear in mind that these features may or may not be released by Google, and our understanding of what they are may be inaccurate. However, we'll try to unlock those that are closer to completion to show you how they'll look if they do sail. Continue reading with that in mind.

In early March, work on Guacamole started in version 12.8 of the Google app. The organization has kept this capability a closely guarded secret and has worked hard to conceal its true existence.

The settings page went live unintentionally (h/t Android Police) today as development progressed over the next few weeks. It's worth noting that it's still in the new Google app beta (12.5) for Android 11, not the latest 12 Developer Preview. It's under "Guacamole" in the main Assistant settings menu.

This feature is currently being tested with Google staff, which explains the inadvertent disclosure in settings today. The Assistant menu in the screenshot above, which links to an internal tab, should have been accessible only to Google employees.

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