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Apple confirmed that they killed iMessage for Android to keep it for iOS users only

The legal conflict between Epic Games and Apple has as of now had a few decently significant aftermath. The court of public opinion has as of now pressed Apple and Google to decrease marketplace expenses for developers on the App Store and Play Store, and a number of Apple's tricks have fallen beneath the investigation of politicians and the general open.

Presently a new court filing from Epic Games is opening up the can of worms that's iMessage restrictiveness.t's no secret that Apple keeps up a number of exclusive products and services to keep its clients from casually bouncing to competing platforms.

In preparation for the trial starting May 3rd, Epic Games filed a brief containing selections illustrating Apple's executive team made a deliberate decision to constrain iMessage to Apple's own platforms. The line of addressing within the statements is pointed at illustrating Apple's use of platform lock-in to create a monopoly that keeps clients dependent on the App Store and In-App Payment system.

There's no technical restriction avoiding Apple from creating iMessage for Android, and most individuals as of now accept this has been a key decision. Apple has never commented on whether it plans to construct an adaptation of iMessage for Android, but with these articulations within the open, it's simple to get why there has been radio silence on the subject.

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