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5 things you should get rid of in your closet

1. Light fixtures - You might be having some light fixtures that are not working properly anymore. Have them replaced with quality ones that provide excellent lighting in your closet.

2. Aged and unused items - Maybe you should ask yourself, why do you still keep things that are not useful to you anymore? If they are already worn out and without any sentimental values left, then it is time to let them go.

3. Scraps on the floor - It is time for you to wonder why there are stuff on the floor. Closets look better with nothing on the floor. If you see stuff everywhere on your closet floor, put or throw them away.

4. Wire Hangers - Those wire hangers from the dry cleaners are not for keeps. Throw them away immediately, buy something that is stylish and can go with the design of your closet.

5. Shoe storage - There are now stylish shoe bins and baskets that can complement your closet. Throw away that old and dingy thing hanging with your dirty shoes on.

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