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Where to travel in a campervan

1. Scotland's North Coast 500. Best camper van travel in Europe. It was billed as Scotland’s Route 66, but the North Coast 500 is of course nothing like its US counterpart. Cutting a course through saturated carpets of heather within the bleakly beautiful Highlands, the 516-mile route joins the specks between disintegrating castles, weather-beaten fishing towns, and middle-of-nowhere refineries.

2. Highway 101 in California, USA. Best for beaches. Romanticized by beat journalists and Hollywood film executives, the American street trip is essentially a sub-genre of its own. From Grapes of Wrath to Vanishing Point, Thelma & Louise to Sideways, the nation’s highways are littered with awesome plots.

3. East Coast Australia. Best for partying. Like koala bears to eucalyptus trees, road-trippers have long been drawn to Australia’s East Coast, where epicurean surf towns, colorful coral reefs, and paradisiacal shorelines give the affection for camper van capers.

4. New Zealand Best for hikers. Travelers regularly broadcast New Zealand to be the most excellent destination for a camper van occasion – and it’s difficult to contend otherwise. From sparkling glaciers to wave-lashed shores, its scenes bring a certain glory to road trips, whereas its climbing trails and a legion of campsites make the view prominently accessible.

5. Chile's Pan-American Highway. Best for adventure travel. It’s difficult to lose your way on a camper van holiday in Chile, where the foolproof Pan-American Highway runs nearly straight down the spine of the nation, dispatching road trippers to colorful colonial cities, parched deserts, and verdant national parks.

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