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What it’s like to visit the Thai island of Phuket right now?

On any given day amid the tall season, this well-known Thai shoreline town would be filled with tourists from all around the world. Jet skis, longtails, and speed watercrafts roared through its shining blue waters. A few pulled parasails, their colorful puffs of nylon kites moving through the skies, keeping harnessed bodies above water.

In the nights, the roads adjoining to Patong's beach were stuffed with travelers till long after the sun slipped into the Andaman Sea horizon, the air filled with the shouts of taxi drivers, massage staff, and restaurant laborers, all in the interest of the next customer.

These days, Patong is unrecognizable. Its shoreline -- a long, clean strip of beige sand -- is free of crowds. Nearby, the majority of businesses are covered, a few with "For Lease" signs. Entryway handles are wrapped in chains and locks, whereas closed lodgings have put up rope fences blocking the carports to their passages.

Thailand has fared incredibly well compared to other nations, reporting just over 30,000 cases and 95 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. It closed its borders to worldwide travelers in late March 2020 as Covid-19 started to spread, forcing strict quarantine measures on those who did arrive.

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