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Ways to find the best travel deals this summer

Reconsider the way you plan. To save a lot of cash, shop for the price first, before choosing where and when you want to travel. It’s the exact opposite of how most of us shop for airfare.

Book directly. Tip number two comes from Heather Keller with Perfect Landing Travel. Rather than buying through mass booking sites, book directly with the airline to avoid inconvenience in changing your travel plans.

Do your homework on the city you visit. Before choosing where to fly, check “the tourism board” for your destination. This can be also called a “destination marketing organization.” These destination marketing organization websites can also help you plan your entire trip. You’ll frequently find extraordinary deals and offers you won’t find anywhere else.

Always check Google Flights. And tip number four, from travel expert Scott Keyes of Scott’s Cheap Flights. Utilize Google Flights, which shows you which days of the month are the cheapest to fly on.

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