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Travel tips for a healthy and happy summer

If you’re vaccinated, be prepared to prove it. Those who are vaccinated or planning to vaccinate are the most likely to travel. If you’re vaccinated and traveling, some countries and regions may require you to carry a vaccination passport.

Don’t put that sanitizer away yet. Even after your flight, you’ll need to keep your hand sanitizer close. Taking a shuttle to the airport, touching the elevator button at the hotel, or getting the handrail at an attraction can all increase your exposure risk.

Consider private accommodation. If hotels, inns, or resorts are ordinarily your accommodation of choice, now can be the time to consider something different. Booking a whole home, cabin, or self-contained apartment may be a safer choice for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers.

Buy travel insurance. Travel insurance is a vacation essential, but it’s particularly vital this year. It’s frequently available through your airline when you book your flight, or you can compare travel insurance alternatives online.

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