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Travel agencies sold more air flights sales in March than in February

ARC-accredited travel agencies sold $2.8 billion in airline tickets in March, an 82% increment from February's net sales. The hop is the third in a row, month-over-month.

The information comes as airlines are announcing surging domestic recreation travel. Delta reported Thursday that recreation domestic bookings right now have recovered to 85% of 2019 levels.

Traveler trips incorporate the overall number of travelers taking a trip from one air terminal to another using either direct or connecting flights. Recently issued trips are added, and refunded trips are deducted to supply a net view of traveling passengers.

Results are based on month-to-month sales information ending March 31, 2021, from 10,959 U.S. retail and corporate travel agency locations, satellite ticket printing workplaces, and online travel agencies. Comes about don't include sales of tickets obtained straightforwardly from airlines.

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