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Planning on a whole year of just traveling around the world

Write a checklist of destinations you wish to travel to a year ahead of time. Preparing a wide selection of countries around the world you’d want to see is the initial phase in the planning stage.

Make a schedule for each destination you’ll be traveling to. After you’ve figured out which nations and places you’ll be visiting, see what you can do in each one.

Set a travel budget for your vacation. After you’ve calculated the total cost of the vacation, make a budget to stick to while you’re away. Begin with the necessities: transportation, accommodation, and food.

To conserve as much space as possible, pack light. You won’t be able to carry much with you on this journey. Make sure you have enough room in your bag and suitcase for everything you’ll need. Make a list of the basic outfits and items you’ll need to get started. After you’ve packed everything, see how much room you have left for additional things.

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