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Exploring the Nami Island, South Korea

For beautiful greenery, go to the Garden of Morning Calm. The Garden of Morning Calm arboretum is one of Nami Island’s most popular places to visit. Every season has a different festival, and the plants and flowers are beautiful no matter what time of year you visit.

In Petite France, you can immerse yourself in European culture. There are flea markets, puppet shows, beautiful scenery, and more in Petite France. Many Korean soap operas, also known as “K-dramas,” were shot here.

Tteok-bokki and dakgalbi are two spicy Korean dishes to try. Tteok-bokki is a spicy rice cake that is popular on Korean streets. Tteok-bokki is available at Yeongajiga Lunch Box.

Don’t be shocked if you see an ostrich roaming around Nami Island. They are one of the animals on the island, and they occasionally escape from their pen and wander around.

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