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Turkey will impose its first full lockdown

Following the second period of limitations beginning last November, the number of daily cases fell to around 6,000 at one point in mid-February. But as soon as the government began to ease the limitations in March, a new wave struck Turkey.

The government then U-turned to re-impose limitations at the beginning of April. However, that was not sufficient to control the spread of infections. At its height in April, there were more than 60,000 new cases a day and more than 300 deaths.

According to critics, the government lifted limitations too early and the vaccination process has not been quick enough. More than 22 million immunizations have been carried out, with 13.6 million individuals have gotten at least one dosage in this nation of 82 million.

New measures include: individuals will have to remain at home but for essential shopping trips and urgent medical treatment, all travel between cities will require official approval, schools will close and strict capacity limits will be forced on users of public transport, and liquor sales are being restricted, while some businesses are exempt from the new limitations.

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