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Taco Bell hired the ‘world’s biggest influencer’ for its new advertisement

It's not a celebrity, but Taco Bell has enlisted something similarly as recognizable for its first-ever worldwide advertisement campaign: the moon. On May 4, the moon will closely resemble a taco during its disappearing crescent stage, so Taco Bell is calling it the "Taco Moon."

To celebrate, it's planning to hand out for free the most tacos it ever has gifted on a single day and kick off a new advertisement campaign promoting its worldwide expansion. On that day, fans in the United States can get a free Crunchy Taco between 8 pm and 11:59 pm local time if they order in-store or they can get a free taco at any time May 4 if they order on the Taco Bell app.

Other nations will celebrate the Taco Moon, as well. Restaurants in the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and other nations will be giving away a Crunchy Taco in expansion to a specialized local offer.

A new digitally centered advertisement campaign is additionally launching called "I See a Taco," which marks the first time Taco Bell restaurants across 32 nations will participate in a unified promoting campaign. It has around 600 worldwide locations in addition to the about 7,000 currently open in the United States.

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