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St. Vincent volcano keeps erupting, a huge explosion rocks

La Soufriere volcano fired a gigantic amount of ash and hot gas early Monday within the greatest hazardous eruption however since volcanic action started on the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent late last week, with authorities worried about the lives of those who have refused to evacuate.

There were no prompt reports of injuries or death, but government authorities were scrambling to respond to the most recent eruption, which was even greater than the first eruption that happened Friday morning. Generally, 16,000 individuals who live in communities near the volcano had been emptied under government orders on Thursday, but an obscure number have remained behind and denied moving.

Bunks, tents, water tanks, and other essential supplies were flooding into St. Vincent as nearby countries surged to assist those affected by the eruptions. At least four empty cruise ships floated nearby, holding up to take evacuees to other islands that have agreed to temporarily get them, including Antigua and Grenada. All government seaport representatives were asked to report

The pandemic moreover is complicating response efforts. At slightest 14 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported since the eruptions started on Friday, and all those going to shelters are being tested. Those who test positive are taken to isolation centers. More than 3,700 individuals are in 84 government shelters.

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