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South Africa’s parliament was on fire again

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    The fire that destroyed South Africa’s parliament in Cape Town has been put out, according to city officials, after it rekindled on Monday. The fire started on Sunday and entirely destroyed the lower chamber of the National Assembly.

    On Monday, strong winds prompted smoldering wood in the roof to catch fire again, but firemen were able to put it out. A suspect has been apprehended and is scheduled to appear in court on accusations of arson, housebreaking, and stealing.

    Although no one was injured in the fire, the devastation to the parliament stunned the country. Because of the building’s carpets and hardwood flooring, authorities had warned that flare-ups may occur.

    According to the news agency AFP, only 12 firemen were on the scene when the wind re-ignited wood above the National Assembly on Monday. Despite the dispatch of reinforcements, flames could still be seen erupting from the structure as night fell.

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