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Pringles to release chicken-flavored styled Pringles in Partnership with Wendy’s

You can’t deny youw ant to try this. The never ending fast food fried chicken sandwich wars are entering a whole new dimension.

You may not know, but Pringles is partnering with Wendy’s for its newest chip flavor that’s based on the chain’s spicy chicken sandwich. The end result is a potato crisp that mixes the “fiery spice blend” of the chicken sandwich and a “perfectly crunchy and extremely convenient bite” of a Pringles, the company said in a press release. Sounds good right?

You ready? The combination, which hits shelves in June, is only on sale for a limited time. Customers that purchase the Pringles flavor will also get a code for a free Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich redeemable on its app.


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