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Manufacturers will be forced to create USB-C chargers for all phones, EU ruled

According to a new regulation set by the European Commission, manufacturers will be required to provide a universal charging mechanism for phones and small electronic gadgets. The goal is to decrease waste by encouraging people to recycle their old chargers when purchasing a new gadget.

According to the plan, all smartphones sold in the EU must include USB-C chargers. Apple has stated that such a shift would be detrimental to development.

It went on to say that by 2030, it wants every Apple device and use to be carbon neutral. Most Android phones either feature USB micro-B charging connectors or have already upgraded to the USB-C standard.

For technical concerns related to size and use circumstances, other devices such as earphones, smartwatches, and fitness trackers were not evaluated. The proposal also establishes a benchmark for fast charging speeds, ensuring that all devices equipped with fast charging are recharged at the same rate.

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