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In the UK, almost 45 million people received scam texts these past few months

The horrors of scam texts and calls have been exposed by UK telecoms regulator research, which found that nearly 45 million people received at least one in the previous three months, while mobile network EE had to block 18,000 sim cards used for the scam during that time.

Scams have exploded since the pandemic’s inception, with fraudsters capitalizing on shifting consumer habits. Fraudsters have used texts and emails falsely claiming to be from courier companies, as well as messages offering access to Covid vaccines and passports, to obtain people’s personal information.

Figures from EE show that it has blocked 18,000 sim cards after detecting 42 million scam text messages since July, emphasizing the use of mobile phones in the fraud. The company, which is owned by BT, employs scanning technology to detect and block suspicious-looking messages.

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