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Hopeless patients in India turn to the black market to buy their drugs

In recent days in India, social media has been flooded with frantic demands for help finding the drugs Remdesivir and Tocilizumab. The viability of the two drugs is being talked about over the world but a few nations, counting India, have given crisis use authorization to both.

The antiviral medication Remdesivir is being endorsed by specialists over the nation, and it is in high demand. India has prohibited exports, but producers are still battling to meet the request.

India has detailed more than 150,000 Covid cases a day for the past three weeks. Hetero Pharma, one of seven firms fabricating Remdesivir in India, said the company was attempting to ramp up production.

The BBC has found that the deficiency in supply is driving to dark marketing of the drug in Delhi and a few other cities. In Delhi, the specialists agreed to supply each 100mg vial of Remdesivir for 24,000 rupees ($320; £232) - five times the official cost.

India's health ministry prescribes six dosages of 100mg vials for a patient for one course of the drug, but specialists say up to eight dosages are required in a few cases. That may be a lot of cash for a middle-class family.

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