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High demand for lifeguards are approaching this summer

As the weather warms up and COVID-19 limitations ease, swimming pools over the nation are re-opening but finding sufficient lifeguards to help protect swimmers is turning out to be difficult. Lifeguarding is another one of those professions hit hard by the widespread after gyms, waterparks, beaches, and community pools were forced to shut down.

Demand is presently higher than ever, but the pool of candidates just isn’t there. Over the nation, thousands of lifeguards were furloughed due to the widespread. Many choosing to take up new career paths.

The association (ALA) helps train and certify new lifeguards over the nation. The group claims there are several reasons for the deficiency. First, lifeguard training and certification programs are backlogged since COVID-19 canceled classes.

Adding to the shortage is COVID travel limitations have limited the number of regular colleges and foreign exchange students. Remote learning implies many students are staying home. The majority of lifeguards are high school through college-aged.

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