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Hackers threaten to share US police information

Washington DC's Metropolitan Police Department has said its computer network has been breached in a targeted cyber-attack, US media report. A ransomware gathering called Babuk is supposedly threatening to release delicate information on police sources if it isn't contacted within three days.

The FBI is investigating the degree of the breach, citing the Washington DC police department. Ransomware is utilized to scramble computer networks and steal data.

Attackers target companies or organizations and can lock their systems, then request huge sums of cash in return for ending the hack. It isn't clear if attackers managed to lock police out of their systems amid the breach.

Screenshots said to have been posted by the group on the dark web and shared on social media appeared to suggest it had gained access to data on criminal gang movement and police insights reports. According to media reports, US government agencies have been targeted 26 times so far this year.

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