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For the first time in history, California could lose a congressional seat

The annual population growth rate has dropped to 0.06 percent in the last decade, the lowest level since at least 1900. California's House seat count would decrease from 53 to 52. Still, most of any territory, and the state would lose electoral votes in the presidential election.

Due to the $200 million expended by state officials on census outreach, which aimed to count as many people as possible in order to qualify for a proportional amount of federal funding, California can manage to keep all 53 House seats. The rising cost of living, high taxes, and raging wildfires in California are often cited as reasons for residents leaving the state.

Some locals, however, have recently become dissatisfied with Gov. Gavin Newsom's treatment of the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing school closures. Newsom is almost certain to face a recall election in the fall.

According to an Election Data Services forecast obtained by Mercury News, California is the only western state predicted to lose a House seat. Nine other states, mainly in the northeast and midwest, could lose a seat.

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