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Flu season has returned as temperatures decreases

Flu season has returned as temperatures decrease and kids return to class in the middle of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, flu cases have plummeted to historically low levels, with coronavirus limitations preventing other respiratory infections.

However, with schools and businesses reopening, no one knows how terrible a flu season the United States may anticipate this winter, and experts are concerned because a separate respiratory virus resurfaced last summer. Flu vaccines are recommended for almost everyone, beginning with six-month-old newborns.

Adults over the age of 65, children under the age of five, persons with chronic health issues, and pregnant women are the most vulnerable to influenza. The CDC recommends that patients receive their vaccinations before the end of October.

Regular flu injections and a nasal spray are among the options, and they all protect against four different flu types that scientists estimate will be the most common this year. Officials have also advised elderly people and those suffering from chronic diseases to enquire about getting vaccinated against a kind of pneumonia that is a common consequence.

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