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Despite its adherence to the Paris Climate Agreement, Brazil reduces its Environmental plan

He vowed to double the money set aside for environmental enforcement and end illegal deforestation by 2030 at a US-led climate summit. However, his spending commitment, as well as additional proposals made by Congress, were not included in the budget signed on Friday. His government aims to create protected areas while weakening security.

The environment ministry and the departments it oversees will receive 2.1 billion reais (£280 million; $380 million) in the federal budget for 2021. In 2020, the ministry had a budget of about 3 billion reais. Friday evening, Environment Minister Ricardo Salles announced that he had asked the Economy Ministry to study the numbers and fulfill President Bolsonaro's promise made at the virtual climate summit hosted by US President Joe Biden.

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon reached a 12-year peak last year. Environmental compliance, according to activists and indigenous groups, is underfunded, and illegal logging and mining in protected areas is tolerated. The president dismisses the criticism, claiming that Brazil continues to be a leader in environmental protection. He sought to strike a more conciliatory tone at Thursday's summit, promising that Brazil will achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050, ten years sooner than previously agreed.

The document came after over 200 Brazilian organizations wrote to President Biden, claiming that the Bolsonaro government was an "enemy" of the Amazon and lacked the legitimacy to represent Brazil. Last week, the environment minister stated that the country will need $1 billion in foreign aid to help reduce deforestation in the Amazon by 30% to 40% in a year.

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